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daddy cd looking for submissive sissy for fun and games

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    March 11, 2018 7:50 AM GMT

    Happily married for 30 + years.The wife is no longer intrested in sex in any way since "the change".I am alays horny and looking to get off.I have enjoyed porn and masturbation almost daily since I got my first hard on.Have always been bisexual and had a few encounters in my younger years.I got into cd quite by accident a few years ago.A pair of panties to stroke off into.then put them on and liked the look and came a garter and hose,then heels.Now go all out except I cannot pass due to facial features.Have been dressing and admiring myself in mirrors and pics and then sitting down for a nice long jerk off session.Started Watching gay vids and getting off and then some  t-girls and shemales.Enjoyed that untilI ran across other  crosdressers haveing gay sex with other men and cd's and am now fully hooked.The wife is fully aware of what I do but simply is not intrested in particpating other than going with me to look at buy new things for my collection.I crave feedback of some sort and would hope to find a friend to have some fun with.just a couple of buddies to the general public .hanging out on the ,maybe go fishing .do a few chores and drinhk a few beers.Watch a little porn.Give each other a quick handjob or whatever.All the while waiting for time get down to serious play and take turns getting each other off.He should be submissive but also express his feelings about what he wants and needs for maxium pleasures.Must be VERY open minded and willing to experiment.I will try pretty much anything at least once.IT may be a real turn on for some but not for others and that is ok.what turns me on might not do the same for you.not here to judge.Would also like to try web cams with someone if I could only figure out how that shit works.Can't travel more tha a day trip but do have a private place for fun when needed and can put a friend up for a few days at a time.I guess that is enough for now.   

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    March 11, 2018 10:55 AM GMT

    Wish I were closer. Would love you to dress me, use me, cum all in and all over me. You sliding your stockinged legs between mine, rubbing that big dick along my panties. Pulling them down and slapping my crack with it. You flip me on my back so you can watch my clitty cock gat big as you enter me. My panties are getting damp at the thought......